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Specials Operations

Special Operations Commander Bill Kettler

Commander Bill Kettler leads the Special Operations Division with almost 32 years of law enforcement experience.

Before Commander Kettler began his career in law enforcement, he attended two years at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, where he received an education in public relations and minored in criminal justice.

He then joined the Monroe Police Department in 1990 as a patrol officer and soon graduated from the North Delta Regional Training Academy, also in Monroe. In 1995, he was promoted to detectives, where he specialized in child abuse and sex crimes, before joining the Lake Charles Police Department. In that capacity, he returned to the patrol division, where he specialized in community policing, served on the federal drug task force, was a member of the U.S. Marshalls fugitive task force and was a K-9 officer, as well as a hostage negotiator until his retirement in 2012.

Following his retirement from LCPD, Commander Kettler then joined the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office as the Special Operations Commander where he oversees a variety of programs including the D.A.R.E Program, the School Resource Officer Program and training for all special events.






Livestock Patrol

Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Cody LeBlanc currently handles the majority of livestock issues and concerns.

There is currently no Open Stock Law in Jefferson Davis Parish, which means no persons owning livestock shall knowingly, willfully or negligently permit their livestock to go at large upon public land, roadways or on any private property without permission from the property owner (RS 3:3003). It is the livestock owners’ responsibility to properly maintain the perimeter to prevent livestock at large.

In the event a citizen encounters any livestock at large “loose,” on a roadway, on private property not permitted or outside a fenced area, they are encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Department Dispatch Center (911) immediately.

If the Sheriff's Office receives repeated calls regarding the escape of livestock from the same area, the livestock owner could face citations and/or a fine. As per Ordinance No. 189, § 2, 7-5-23 and Ord. No. 2248, 7-23-14, the fee to pick up an animal at large is $200, plus an additional $50 per day for housing, feeding and care.

The Sheriff’s Office cannot aid in the capture of escaped animals reported by the owner of the animal, unless the animal is loose on a public roadway and is a threat to public safety.

If deputies encounter livestock at large, and there is no immediate way to determine ownership, the animal will be transported to another location. As per Ordinance No. 180, § 2, 7-5-23, the Jefferson Davis Parish Police Jury will then advertise the animal for one week in the local paper to seek the owner. Any reported claims require documentation proving ownership or a detailed description of the animal. If no claims are made, the police jury then has the right to sell the animal and keep the proceeds from the sale.

According to the Louisiana state leash law (RS 3:2771) no person shall allow or permit any dog in his or her possession, or kept by him about his premises, to run at large on any unenclosed land or trespass upon any enclosed or unenclosed lands of another. However, dogs are not considered livestock and the Sheriff’s Office cannot seize any dogs at large.

Anyone who discovers they have missing livestock is encouraged to contact the Police Jury Office at (337) 824-4792 or the Sheriff’s Office at (337) 821-2100 with a description of the animal and a location of the animal’s origins.

To report any theft, neglected or abused livestock or domestic animals, contact the Sheriff’s Office immediately.

Marine Division

We have expanded our patrolling ability by including additional trucks to our fleet, allowing us to respond to emergency situations during flooding emergencies.

After expanding our patrolling ability, we then became aware of a greater need for the Sheriff’s Office to enact a Marine Patrol Division, allowing the agency the ability to assist in searches for missing boaters, fisherman and hunters, as well as providing additional methods of assistance for the residence of the parish through the many parish-wide waterways and during flooding emergencies.


Crime Tip Hotline  337-275-8188 or via Email