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Civil Division

Duties and Responsibilities

The Civil Division is responsible for serving criminal and civil papers within Jefferson Davis Parish, including but not limited to citations, garnishments, notices, subpoenas, summons and other processes. The Civil Division also executes judgments, mandates, orders and writs directed to the Sheriff by the District Courts, Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

Upon the execution by the Civil Division of a writ of attachment, sequestration, fieri facias or seizure and sale under executory process, the Sheriff is directed by the court to seize the subject's property. These seizures may lead to the public auction or Sheriff’s Sale of the seized property, which is overseen by the Civil Division.

Chief Civil Deputy Commander Susette Mouton

Susette Civil.JPG

The Chief Civil Deputy is Commander Susette Mouton, whose primary duties include processing all data within the division. She also executes all parish sheriff sales in accordance with Louisiana Law, including the processing of writs, advertising, preparation of deeds and judicial bills of sales, obtaining mortgage certificates and appraisals, as well as collecting and disbursing funds.

With over 36 years of experience in public service, Commander Mouton began her career in 1982 while still in high school working for the Jennings Police Department through the GCE School Work Program for school credits. During that time, she performed clerical duties, and in the summer of 1983, began working for Jennings City Court where she became experienced in all aspects of court proceedings. Through the program, she continued into the following year and became a full-time employee with the City of Jennings after graduating from Jennings High School in 1984.

She was soon promoted from traffic clerk to Clerk of City Court, where she performed a variety of duties including the process and management of traffic tickets, warrants, civil services and the budget, as well as City Court functions.

In July of 1992, Commander Mouton joined The Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office where she was assigned to the position of Financial Officer. In that capacity, she performed various duties involving payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgets, bank reconciliations and human resources.

In 1997, she became Chief Civil Deputy, and in 2012, was also given the additional title of Commander, and as such, transitioned to performing other duties such as foreclosures, garnishments, paper services, civil warrants, restraining orders, writs of seizure and sale and sheriff’s sales in accordance with Louisiana Law, as well as processing all data within the division.

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