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New School Year


As the school bells ring once again, Sheriff Ivy Woods and the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office are excited for the new school year.  As we embark on another exciting academic year, the safety of our community remains our top priority, and we want to ensure a safe and successful return to the classroom.

Students, always remember to use designated crosswalks and follow traffic rules when walking or biking to school.  Avoid distractions while using electronic devices in public-be aware of your surroundings.  Never give in to peer pressure, live each day to the fullest and be kind to others.  Most importantly, have fun!

Educators, your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.  Every day you go above and beyond for our children.  You are more than a teacher.  We support you as you continue to be a shining light in the lives of children that may otherwise not have one.  

Parents and Guardians, your involvement is crucial. Continue to communicate with your children about their daily routines and make sure you know who your child is hanging out with-both in person and on-line.  If you don't feel comfortable with them, there is probably a reason why.  It is always a good time to review safety practices with your children.  Make sure they know they can talk to you or another trusted adult about their problems, even when they have made a mistake.

Remember to:

- Slow down as school speed zones and hands-free rules are in effect.

- Due to school traffic, you may need to leave earlier than normal to reach your destination on time, obey all signs and signals.

- Remember, just glancing down at your cell phone is enough to cause an accident. Let's make it as safe as possible for our children by observing speed limits and driving without distractions.

Working together, we can make this school year safe and successful for everyone. Sheriff Woods and the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office wishes all students and faculty a fantastic school year! 

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