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Narcotics and Theft arrests


On May 13, 2023, Deputies were dispatched to 11131 David Road, Welsh, Louisiana in reference to a narcotics complaint and theft.

A farmer reported his workers were found to be in possession of narcotics and had been selling the farmers crawfish after work without his knowledge or consent. 

Deputies arrested Erasmo Armenta Atondo, 31, of 11624 Hwy 92, Maurice, LA for possession of CDS II and Theft.

Miguel Angel Garcia, 28, of 11131 David Road, Welsh, LA for possession of CDS II and Theft and Jesus Salvador, 27 of 11131 David Road, Welsh for Theft.  The farmer estimated the theft of crawfish to be valued near $12,000.00.  

Crime Tip Hotline  337-275-8188 or via Email