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New Jail Questions


This post is to answer all the questions and concerns we are receiving through various means. The Jefferson Davis Parish Facebook page is an informative tool utilized by the Sheriff’s Office to notify the public of various things. For that reason our page is set to hide all comments. Any questions, comments, or concerns should be directed to us in the following ways:

Send us a private message on Facebook
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 There is a misconception that there is already a fund/tax for the current jail. There is NOT a dedicated tax for the jail; there is a property tax that maintains the entire courthouse complex. That includes maintaining the building which houses the 911 and Dispatch Center, Clerk of Court, District Attorney, Judges Office, Public Defender, Registrar of Voters Office, Sheriff’s Office, and Tax Assessor’s Office.

 The new jail will NOT have an air conditioning system for inmates!

The new jail will NOT have a basketball court for inmates!

The new jail will NOT be a 5 star resort!

The new jail is NOT being built to hold Department of Correction prisoners!

The new jail will NOT include an inmate workout facility!

TV is required by a government mandate to allow current news access for inmates. We choose the channels they have access to!

Education programs are offered on a case by case basis to try and reduce the recidivism rate.

Medical care for inmates is a government mandated requirement.

The current sales tax for law enforcement was voted in by the voters of Jefferson Davis Parish to cover pay raises and equipment; it CANNOT be used for construction, maintenance, or operation of the jail.

Pay raises for deputies will not come from the $10 million jail fund!

Pay raises are included in the Sheriff’s 2014-2015 budget and will be covered by funds coming from the previously dedicated tax for salaries and equipment.

We will continue to answer questions sent to us by these means:

Send us a private message on FaceBook
E-mail us at
Send us a message through our website:

Crime Tip Hotline  337-275-8188 or via Email