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New law effects mug shots


You may have noticed our inmate roster photos are not up and available this morning.

Governor John Edwards signed into law ACT 494,  stating law enforcement officers or agencies shall not provide a copy of a booking photograph in any format to a person requesting a copy of that photograph.

No law enforcement officer or agency shall publish, release, or disseminate in any format a booking photograph to the public or to a private person or entity unless any of the following occurs:  (a) The individual is a fugitive, and a law enforcement officer or agency determines that releasing or disseminating the booking photograph will assist in apprehending the individual. (b) A law enforcement officer or agency determines that the individual is an imminent threat to an individual or to public safety and determines that releasing or disseminating the booking photograph will assist in reducing or eliminating the threat.  (c) A judge of a court of competent jurisdiction orders the release or dissemination of the booking photograph based on a finding that the release or dissemination is in furtherance of a legitimate interest. (d) The individual is convicted of or pleads guilty or nolo contendere to a crime, lesser crime, or lesser included offense as defined in Article 558.

Due to this Act taking effect immediately, we are working with our web provider and Jail software to comply with the new law.  In the immediate time, our morning inmate roster will not be active, our Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff Office APP will not be reporting inmates booked into the parish jail, and we will not be providing booking information and photos on our official Jefferson Davis Sheriff Office Facebook page.

We hope to have changes made quickly, so we can provide information to the public that is allowed by the exceptions to Act 494.  The Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office will provide information and mug shots of any persons deemed to be a threat to the public or individual. 

Sheriff Ivy Woods wants to ensure the citizens of our parish that his first responsibility is the safety of the people in our parish.

Crime Tip Hotline  337-275-8188 or via Email