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Car Burglaries are increasing


Sheriff Woods wants to remind people to lock their vehicles and do not leave firearms unsecured in a vehicle locked or unlocked. 

The Sheriff's office has responded to several car burglaries in the Roanoke area and other locations throughout the parish recently and victim's are reporting firearms being taken.  

When a firearm is left unattended in a vehicle, there is a chance for a child to gain access to it and harm themselves or others.  Also if an assailant gets control of a firearm from a vehicle and then continues on and enters the residence, then you have voluntarily armed your intruder.  

If you are going to store a firearm in a vehicle, purchase a lock box and make sure it is secured to the vehicle. They are readily available for long guns and handguns and with RFID locks they can be quickly opened by the owner if needed for self defense. 

Crime Tip Hotline  337-275-8188 or via Email