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Suspicious person call leads to arrest


On January 5, 2020, Deputies were dispatched to the area of West 3rd Street and 1st Avenue in Roanoke, Louisiana. The caller advised dispatch there was a white female wearing a black tank top and blonde hair that appeared to be on an intoxicant and was screaming.

When deputies arrived at the church and located a female matching the description. The female had her bra pulled up and her breasts were exposed. The female was screaming profanities, and had an extreme odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from her breath. She was obviously intoxicated and she refused to identify herself.

As deputies were attempting to place her under arrest and in handcuffs, she struggled and during the struggle, a Deputies body camera mount was broken and fell. After struggling with the female, she was eventually placed in the rear of patrol unit and transported to the parish jail.

Upon arrival at the parish jail the female was combative and fought with corrections deputies during the booking process.

The female was identified as Jessie Nicole McFall, 38, of 136 4th street, Clarks, LA.  Jessie was booked into the parish jail for both Woodworth outstanding Warrants , LA RS 14:106 Obscenity, 14:103.A2 Disturbing the Peace Offensive Language, 14:103.A3 Disturbing the Peace Public Intoxication, 14:56 Criminal Damage to Property, 14:108.B(1)(c) Resisting an Office by Failure to Identify, 14:108 Resisting an Officer, 14:38 Simple Assault, and 14:34.5 Battery of a Correctional Officer.

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