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Message from Sheriff Woods

Message from Sheriff Ivy Woods

The Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office has received numerous calls from concerned citizens of the parish regarding door to door sales.  The specific complaints are related to one particular sales person representing the company Southern Advantage.  This company has been granted an Occupational License to operate in Jefferson Davis Parish.  The sales person is a college student from the mid-west.  He sells educational material ranging from kindergarten to college age students.  If requested, the sales person must present a copy of the Occupational License issued by the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office.  Failure to possess this Occupational License prohibits them from doing business in the parish.

This particular sales person will ask questions of residents related to the number of people residing in the house hold, work schedules, ages of children, questions about the neighbors, etc.  This line of questioning is what has some of our residents concerned, and they should be!  On a daily basis, we hear of scams that are aimed at our parish residents, attempting to defraud them in one way or another.  I want to let our residents know that this program is not a scam.  The company is selling a legitimate product.  The type of questioning used is to determine if the resident is a suitable prospect for the products being sold.  However, if you are not interested in the product, tell the sales person you are not interested, and ask him to leave.  If the sales person refuses to leave, contact our office and we will pursue trespassing charges against this individual.  The sales person has been made aware of this and the consequences that he will face.

We do not want to discourage businesses from doing business here in Jefferson Davis Parish, but we want them to respect the wishes of our residents.  I encourage anyone that encounters a sales person that is disrespectful or refuses to honor your wishes, please call our office and report the encounter.  My office will revoke the Occupational License of any company that fails to show the proper respect due to our citizens.


Sheriff Ivy Woods

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