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Update on Parish COVID-19 info


There have been rumors being shared on Social Media stating Martial Law is coming or has been put in place. Those rumors are FALSE. To dispel those rumors, let me make it clear, local, parish authorities have no statutes/authority to declare any type of Martial Law. 

The Jeff Davis Parish Police Jury and Sheriff Ivy Woods have only implemented a curfew from 11:00 pm - 5:00am to limit the travels of juveniles and individuals that are not going to or coming from work , or have an emergency to attend to. 

Law enforcement are tasked with the safety of the citizens of the parish and the security of their property.  With the closure of businesses, we are utilizing the curfew to minimize the traffic and contact between first responders and others.

We have started today, Thursday March 19, 2020 our administrative offices are closed to the public to eliminate exposure to our employees from anyone that may be infected with COVID-19 virus.  

Tax payments can be dropped in the dropbox at the 911 building located at 1602 West Shankland avenue, Jennings. Also all Sheriff's sales for the month of April have been cancelled and rescheduled at a future date.  If you have any questions contact (337) 821-2102.

"We are receiving lots of inquiries about whether the Governor is going to require the state to shelter in place. Please take note of the following facts:

  • There is no current plan to require citizens of the state to shelter in place.
  • The National Guard is being deployed into specific hot spot areas with positive COVID-19 tests to help with sites that have been set up to house persons who are awaiting test results and do not have a place to stay, to help stand up drive-thru testing sites, and to help evaluate structures that may serve as temporary hospitals to support the medical surge we anticipate.
  • There are no National Guard personnel deployed in Jeff Davis Parish at this time.
  • The National Guard has NOT been deployed to invoke martial law.
  • Local governments have the ability shelter in place without approval or direction of the governor.
  • Shelter in place, as implemented by other municipalities and states, is not a complete lockdown that requires people to not leave their homes. People are still allowed to go to work, to go to the grocery store, to go to the pharmacy, to go to the doctor, etc."

It's important during this time of uncertainty that we listen to reliable sources of info. Stay safe out there

Crime Tip Hotline  337-275-8188 or via Email