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2nd Bi-Annual 2021 E-Newsletter

2nd Bi-Annual 2021 E-Newsletter


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During the 2021 year, the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office (JDPSO) participated in several community projects, while serving the citizens of JDP.

In the shadow of 2020 Covid-19 precautions and mandates that limited and canceled many community programs, events and functions, the agency has been eager to continue many of their regular activities, training and events, as well as participating in many public functions.

Winston NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDeputy Claude "Winston" Guillory

Remembering Winston

This year brought about several memorial services, events and ceremonies honoring our fallen brother, Claude Winston Guillory, 63, who died in August of 2020 due to complications from COVID-19.

These memorial events included a visit from the Beyond the Call of Duty End of Watch Memorial Motorcycle Ride, an unexpected gift, the addition of Guillory's name to the local Police Memorial Park Wall, the Medal of Honor Ceremony and the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund Ceremony in our Nation's Capital.

This last year has felt like a lifetime without our brother, father, grandfather, husband and friend.

Beyond the Call of Duty, End of Watch Memorial Ride - In July of 2021, The Beyond the Call of Duty, End of Watch Ride is a law enforcement memorial motorcycle ride that tours across America, visiting every agency that lost an officer in the line of duty. The over 17,000 mile ride also includes a trailer featuring the photo of every man and woman who paid the ultimate price to serve and protect their communities during that year. Members and participants of the ride also honor the family members of the fallen who are left behind to pick up the pieces following the loss of their loved ones.

Memorial Ride 1 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Memorial Ride 2 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

The 84-day ride began on May 28, in Yakima, Washington and will end August 18, in Spokan Valley, Washington. It included other Louisiana stops in Baton Rouge, Church Point, New Orleans and Pear River. Six escort motorcycles, as well as two trucks pulling trailers filled with pictures of 328 fallen officers honored for this year, were the heart of the ride.

Memorial Ride 3 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Memorial Ride 5 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Pictured above, from L to R - Corrections Deputy Brennon Bertrand (Guillory's grandson), Patrol Deputies Thomas Gatte, Naquan Senegal, Derrick Miller and Ferrell LeBlanc.

Below: Sandra Guillory honoring the memory of her husband.

Memorial Ride 4 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Memorial Ride 6 NEWSLETTER READY.jpgPictured here are members of the Sheriff's Office, as well as the Jennings Police Department who all served with Guillory.

Memorial Ride 7 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Pictured here are Guillory's family members in attendance of the Call of Duty Ride to Remember.

Memorial Ride 8 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Attendance signed a banner filled with memorial messages.

Memorial Ride 9 NEWSLETTER READY.jpgLeading motorcycles featured photos in memory of fallen Law Enforcement Officers.

Fallen Blue Quilts

by Donna Marsinick of Vermilion, Ohio

Donna Marsinick is the mother of a police officer and her goal is to "patch the hearts of families that have lost a loved one who walked the Thin Blue Line." This year, she made and sent a memorial pillow in honor of Guillory to our office for his widow, Sandra.

For more information, visit

Sandras Pillow NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Mrs. Sandra Guillory holding the surprise pillow mailed to her to the JDSO Main Office.

Police Memorial Park WallAugust of 2021 marks the one year anniversary of Guillory's death. To honor his memory, members of the Jennings Police Department joined our agency in a memorial service adding Guillory's name to the stone in Police Memorial Park. The ceremony was held in the park, directly across the street from the Jennings Police Department (JPD), and was in attendance by several family members, as well as members of our agency and JPD.

Winstons name ceremony 3 NEWSLETTER READY.jpgGuillory's widow, Sandra, stands with her family.

Winstons name ceremony 1 NEWSLETTER READY.jpgJPD Ret. Cpt. Steve Taylor opened up the ceremony.

Winstons name ceremony 2 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Members of JDSO, JPD and Jennings Fire Department (JFD), along with Guillory's family members attended the memorial service.

Winstons name ceremony 4 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Sheriff Ivy Woods

Winstons name ceremony 5 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Mrs. Winston Guillory (Sandra)

Winstons name ceremony 6 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg
JPD Officer Josh Clement and JDSO Deputy Robert Lane unveil the memorial stone now featuring Deputy Guillory's name.

Winstons name ceremony 9 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

The Guillory family around the memorial stone Police Memorial Park.

Winstons name ceremony 10 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Law enforcement officers with JDSO and JPD who worked with Guillory.









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