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2021 1st BI-Annual Newsletter

2021 First Bi-Annual E-Newsletter

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During the 2021 year, the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office (JDPSO) participated in several community projects, while serving the citizens of JDP.

In the shadow of 2020 Covid-19 precautions and mandates that limited and canceled many community programs, events and functions, the agency has been eager to continue many of their regular activities, training and events, as well as participating in many public functions.

Deputies Retire

It is with great pride the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office (JDSO) wishes Civil Deputy Glenn Green and Courthouse Security Deputies David Ardoin and Gaylor Brown a very Happy Retirement.

JAN - Glenns Retirement NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Green is pictured here (L) with Sheriff Ivy Woods (R), as the Sheriff presents Green with a watch as a retirement gift.

JDSO Civil Deputy Retires 

JANUARY - Civil Deputy Glenn Green served full-time with JDSO for 25 years and 2 years working as a reserve, part-time and in other various divisions. Prior to his employment with the Sheriff's Office, Green worked in the oil field industry for 20 years. After over four decades in the workforce, Green said he plans to spend his retirement doing a lot of fishing and lots of time with his grandchildren and growing family.

When asked what he'd miss about working with the Sheriff's Office, Green said he'd miss working with the people most of all.

JDSO Courthouse Deputy Retires

APRIL - Courthouse Security Deputy David Ardoin served full-time with JDSO for over 10 years. Prior to his employment with the Sheriff's Office, Ardoin owned and operated a local Sears store for 12 years and a Texaco station and tire store for 14 years, as well as worked at the local Amoco Bulk Plant for 24 years. After over 60 years in the work force, Ardoin said he plans to spend his retirement doing a lot of fishing and even a little traveling.

Ardoin said he'd miss working with the men and women of the Sheriff's Office and accompanying agencies most of all. "Everyone has always been so nice to me," he said.

David and Sheriff NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Ardoin is pictured here (L) with Sheriff Ivy Woods (R), as the Sheriff presents Ardoin with a watch as a retirement gift.

Gaylor and Sheriff NEWSLETTER READY.jpgBrown is pictured here (L) with Sheriff Ivy Woods (R), as the Sheriff presents Brown with a watch as a retirement gift.

JDSO Courthouse Deputy Retires

JUNE - Courthouse Security Deputy Gaylor Brown served the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Office for fifteen years and served as the Sex Offender Registrar and transport officer and later as courthouse security. Prior to employment with JDSO, his earlier career path included serving with the State of Louisiana for 30 years as a child protection and fraud investigator with the Department of Social Services in Acadia and Jeff Davis parishes, as well as an assistant city clerk and finance director with the City of Jennings.

Brown's contribution and service to his community has ensured the safety and protection of hundreds of children. 

Brown plans to spend his retirement catching up on his fishing and spending time with his family. He said he will miss the people he works with and the community he's served most of all.

Thank you, Deputy Green, Deputy Ardoin and Deputy Brown for your many years of service. We wish you a wonderful and well-deserved retirement!

Deputies Train in First Response and Recovery

JDPSO Deputies underwent a series of officer safety training exercises that focused on search and rescue, various recovery situations and emergency medical first response.

Although all deputies do carry emergency medical devices in their units such as tourniquets, Narcan and other various first aid supplies, this unique training expanded their first responder knowledge. These recent training exercises provided them with the life-saving techniques, abilities and experience necessary to provide additional safety not only for each other, but also the public, as well members of other first responder agencies they might encounter in the field.

They also practiced various shooting stances and techniques. The exercises were lead by Instructor Ray Collins, who is also a retired Army Medic and retired EMT.

1 First Responder NEWSLETTER READY.jpgInstructor Ray Collins, along with Deputies Charlie Guidry and Marshall Trahan, as Patrol Shift Supervisor, Deputy Derrick Miller practices applying a bandage to a mock artery bleed on a medical practice mannequin.

2 First Responder NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDy. Marshall Trahan applies a bandage to mock artery bleed.

6 First Responder NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDy. Tylynn Parsens reviews medical concerns during a mock rescue.

19 First Responder NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDy. Trey Herndan requesting assistance to move a fellow deputy.

13 First Responder NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDeputy Tony Clement and Patrol Shift Supervisor, Deputy Brant Duplechain practice entry exercises.

24 First Responder NEWSLETTER READY.jpgInstructor Ray Collins reviews shooting techniques with deputies.

Sheriff Recognizes LAHS Girls Varsity Basketball Team for Championship Win

3 - MARCH 2021 - Sheriff and LAHS Varsity Basketball Hammond championship win.jpg

Sheriff Ivy Woods treated the Lake Arthur High School Girls Varsity Basketball team to an afternoon cook out at the home of Troy and Roxanne Trahan, to congratulate them on their State Championship win in Hammond, Louisiana. Sheriff Woods and Chief Deputy Chris Ivey provided and grilled the ribeyes for the team.


Deputies Host Parental Education Workshop:


The Sheriff's Office D.A.R.E. unit held an educational workshop, "Hidden in Plain Sight," providing valuable information to assist parents and educators in their efforts to protect teens from drug and alcohol abuse.

D.A.R.E. Officer Gale Richard and School Resource Officer (SRO) Tiffany Bertrand lead the event, held in the Bethel Christian Church Sanctuary.

The workshop also included a display area staged to represent what a teen or pre-teen's bedroom might look like. The staged "bedroom" included many seemingly normal common items that parents might not suspect as anything other than what they appear to be. Among these items were soda cans, books and hand-held games that contain secret compartments.

1 - Hidden in Plain Sight NEWSLETTER READY.jpg
2 - Hidden in Plain Sight NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDy. Gale Richard shared how teens use different colored bracelets to signify their willingness to engage in sexual activity. 3 - Hidden in Plain Sight NEWSLETTER READY.jpg 4 - Hidden in Plain Sight NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDy. Bertrand showed parents how to identify a vape charger and discussed ways teens hide them.

The educational event was open to the public, and among the many topics discussed, the curriculum also included information regarding dangerous social media outlets, tips on how to protect children from cyber bullying and stalking, camouflaged methods used to conceal drugs, alcohol and weapons, signs of sexual abuse or activity and many other common issues and experiences teens are facing in today's society.



The Sheriff's Office regularly holds Life Share blood drives. The blood drives are open to the public, as well as members of the agency. Many members of the agency regularly donate to help replenish the blood supply for patients in Jeff Davis Parish and the surrounding areas.

1 - Blood Drive NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDeputies Naquan Senegal and Trey Herndon regularly donate blood during blood drives. Blood Doner Shirt NEWSLETTER READY.png 2 - Blood Drive NEWSLETTER READY.jpgChief Deputy Christopher Ivey is shown here eagerly waiting to make his contribution.

Deputies "Adopt" Parish Senior

LA 3.png

Members of the Sheriff's Office "adopted" Lake Arthur High School senior, Adam Richard. As part of a parish-wide effort, the social media "Adopt a Senior" project was created to show support to graduating high school students in the parish.

Adam's mother is a member of the agency as a D.A.R.E. officer.


Adopt a Senior - Adam - NEWSLETTER READY.jpgPictured here (from L to R): Commander Douglas Britnell, Commander Susette Mouton, Adam Richard, Sheriff Ivy Woods, Payroll Deputy Karen Hay, Commander Ramby Cormier and Commander Bill Kettler.

Sheriff Hosts Annual Fundraiser for Domestic Abuse Survivors

CADA logo NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Sheriff Ivy Woods held his 8TH Annual Golf Tournament benefitting Communities Against Domestic Abuse (CADA). CADA is a local organization that helps survivors of domestic abuse rebuild their lives free of trauma and regain their independence from their abusers. CADA motto NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Although the event is well received every year, the tournament brought in a banner crowd this year. The Sheriff, along with many local businesses, supporters and volunteers, was eager to get out and make an impact in the fight against domestic abuse and violence.

To date, the golf tournament benefit has raised over $75,000 since it was begun in 2002.

Golf Tourney 1 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Golf Tourney 2 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Golf Tourney 3 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

As golfers enjoyed coffee and donuts during registration, golf carts were lined up, ready for shot-gun and volunteer cooks set up stations to feed hungry supporters. The tournament brought in over 150 volunteers from not only the local community, but also from the surrounding areas, as well as the state.

Golf Tourney 4 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Golf Tourney 5 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Golf Tourney 6 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg
Golf Tourney 7 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Golf Tourney 8 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg
Golf Tourney 9 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Golf Tourney 10 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Golf Tourney 11 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Volunteer cooks set up stations throughout the golf club grounds, serving up everything from cracklins to jambalaya.

Golf Tourney 12 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Golf Tourney 13, NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Golfers also bid on donated auction items throughout the game.

The tournament raised $11,000 to donate towards CADA.

Sheriff Ivy Woods extends his gratitude to everyone who supported him in his effort to fight against domestic abuse!

CADA check for golf tourney NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Pictured here (L to R) are: CADA Victim's Advocate Cynthia Petry, Detective Morgan Lemelle, Payroll Clerk Karen Hay, Sheriff Ivy Woods, Secretary Aubrey Broussard, Detective Roxi Guidry and CADA Director Janice Esthay.


Sheriff Ivy Woods has been a long-time supporter of CADA and is an active participant in the fight against domestic violence.

Welsh Student Awarded LSA Scholarship

The Louisiana Sheriff's Association awards one student from each parish a one time $500 scholarship. D.A.R.E. Officer, Deputy Tyler Breaux presented the 2020 LSA Scholarship to Welsh High School graduating senior, Hayden LeJeune. Congratulations, Hayden!WHS LOGO 2.jpg

SCHOLARSHIP 2 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Congratulations, WHS graduating senior, Hayden LeJeune, for receiving the $500 Louisiana Sheriff's Association Scholarship!

Deputy for a Day

1 - Deputy for a Day NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

The Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office (JDPSO) recently welcomed 11-year-old Aiden Druillhet as the latest Deputy for the Day.

Each year, Sheriff Ivy Woods donates the "Deputy for the Day" auction item to the Laccasine Little Dribblers fundraiser. The auction item provides the opportunity for a student to visit the Court House offices and the Sheriff's Office buildings where they meet several parish officials, employees and deputies in various divisions, as well as to have lunch with the D.A.R.E. and/or SRO officers, provided by the Sheriff.

2 - Deputy for a Day NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

D.A.R.E. Officers Gale Richard and Tyler Breaux picked up Druillhet from school on Wednesday morning, April 5, in the JDPSO D.A.R.E. truck. He was then brought to visit the offices at the Courthouse, and the JDPSO buildings, including the D.A.R.E. division, the 911 building and the administration and criminal investigation divisions at the Main Office location. At each stop, Druillhet learned how parish agencies worked and took pictures with officials and employees, including JDPSO K-9 Carlotta.

3 - Deputy for a Day NEWSLETTER READY.jpgD.A.R.E. officer Tyler Breaux showing Aiden a patrol unit. 4 - Deputy for a Day NEWSLETTER READY.jpgAiden visiting the fingerprint station. 5 - Deputy for a Day NEWSLETTER READY.jpgAiden and ADA Jimmy Thomas. 6 - Deputy for a Day NEWSLETTER READY.jpgAiden meets K-9 Carlotta.

This will be Druillhet's last year at LES, as he will be moving to Seattle where his mother is stationed in the Army. He is the son of Ridge and Amy Druillhet and has one sister, Alaina. He is also the grandson of Daniel and Kodi Kibodeaux and Glen Manuel and Mary Venable.

Druillhet is a fourth-grade student at Lacassine Elementary School (LES). He enjoys playing Fortnight and riding his bike and said he wants to be a deputy when he grows up.

JDSO Recognizes Latest Academy Graduates

Four Jeff Davis Parish deputies graduated during the April/May 2021 commencement of the Calcasieu Parish Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy.

Those graduates are pictured here (from L to R) with Sheriff Ivy Woods (center): Deputy Tony Clement, patrol; Deputy Chance Broussard, jailer; Deputy Kate Boudreaux, jailer and Deputy Tylynn Parsons, patrol.

Summer 2021 Academy Graduates NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Congratulations Graduates!

JDPSO Mourns the Loss of Retired K-9 Bean

1 Bean Funeral NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

The Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Office recently mourned the death of retired K-9, Bean.

Bean was a 10 year old German Shephard obtained by the Sheriff's Office in 2013. Bean was trained in narcotics searches, apprehension and searching for lost individuals.

Bean had been retired in 2020 and was allowed to spend his remaining years with a previous handler.

A funeral ceremony was held behind the Sheriff's Office main office building, where Bean was laid to rest next to the grave of Buck, a previous K-9 who passed away in 2019.

Bean was a well-known and beloved member of the Sheriff's Office, and he will be missed.

K-9 Blue Line Strip NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

2 Bean Funeral NEWSLETTER READY.jpg 3 Bean Funeral NEWSLETTER READY.jpg
4 Bean Funeral NEWSLETTER READY.jpg 5 Bean Funeral NEWSLETTER READY.jpg
6 Bean Funeral NEWSLETTER READY.jpg 7 Bean Funeral NEWSLETTER READY.jpgBean was laid to rest on JDSO property by former handler Deputy Jonathan Hebert (bottom center) of Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office, with support from K-9 Officer David Amrine of Welsh Police Department (left) previous handler JDSO K-9 Deputy Christopher LaFleur (top center) and JDSO K-9 Deputy Christopher Wallace. K-9 Blue Line Flag and Silouette NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Jennings Optimist Club Recognizes Deputies


The Jennings Optimist Club recognized Shift Supervisor Deputy Derrick Miller and K-9 Deputy Christopher LaFleur with The Honoring Local Heroes Award.

Deputy Miller was recognized for his general positivity, his discerning and stead-fast demeanor and his dedication to service.

Deputy LaFleur was recognized for his unwavering dedication, professionalism and exceptional performance on the job.

Pictured here (from L to R) are Deputy Derrick Miller, Jennings Optimist Club President Caroline Baker, Deputy Christopher LaFleur, Jennings Optimist Club Vice-President Gale Jones and Sheriff Ivy Woods.

Congratulations Deputy Derrick Miller and Deputy Christopher LaFleur!

Mia's Law Enforcement Appreciation Challenge

1 - Mias visit NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

2 - Mias visit NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

D.A.R.E. Officer Gale Richard (left) and SRO Mike Hill (right) presented Mia (blue shirt) with a gift bag containing a variety of tokens from the Sheriff's Office, including a departmental patch and a challenge coin from Sheriff Ivy Woods.

Members of the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office were recently invited to the Punisher's Rougarou Club House for a meet and greet with law enforcement supporter Mia Thomas of Allen Parish.

Mia, 14, began her mission to spread good will and appreciation to law enforcement when she was just 8 years old following a visit to a Lake Charles bookstore where she asked her mother to buy her a St. Michael's prayer card. This ultimately led to the creation of Mia's Law Enforcement Appreciation Challenge.

Since then, she's personally passed out prayer cards to departments in eight states and sent handwritten letters to departments in five other states across the country. She also visits local police departments during family travels, thanking them for their protection and service, and letting them know that someone is supporting and praying for them.

During her visit to Jennings, Mia was met by members of JDPSO, the Jennings Police and Fire Departments, as well as the Jefferson Davis Parish Police Jury. Each agency presented her with gifts and tokens representing their respective agencies.

Mia has also been the recipient of the Servant's Heart Award, the Prudential Spirit of Community bronze Award and the Presidential Volunteerism Award.

To learn more about Mia's Law Enforcement Appreciation Challenge, visit www.facebook.com/miasleachallenge.

3 - Mias visit NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Thank you for your prayers and support, Mia!






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