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Jefferson Davis Parish

Sheriff's Office

2020 Newsletter

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During the 2020 year, the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office (JDPSO) participated in several community projects, while serving the citizens of JDP, despite Covid-19 precautions and mandated limitations that canceled many community programs, events and functions early in the year.

This year also brought grief and loss to the JDPSO family. Many members faced severe damage to their homes during two catastrophic hurricanes that hit the parish and surrounding areas, and the agency also mourned the death of one of their honored and respected veteran law enforcement officers, as well as one of their beloved K-9s.

Despite these limitations and devastating losses, the Sheriff's Office still managed to not only continue to provide necessary public safety services, but to also give back to the community during times of need.

JDPSO Participates in High School Career Fair

The Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office often participates in local career fairs, during which agency members volunteer to interact with upcoming generations regarding career opportunities in law enforcement. At the beginning of the 2020 year, Deputies Sarah Fox and Tiffany Bertrand attended a Career Fair held at the Hathaway High School Charles F. Groth gymnasium.

Career Fair Sarah and Tiff NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Deputy Sarah Fox (L), of the Traffic Division, and Deputy Tiffany Bertrand (R), a School Resource Officer (SRO), are pictured here with accompanying education and reference material on the several divisions and responsibilities of the Sheriff's Office available for students to observe and study.

Deputies Fox and Bertrand spoke to students about pursuing careers in law enforcement, including the necessary requirements, as well as the various degrees of available service areas within the agency.
Career Fair Sarah talking NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDeputy Fox speaks to students about the different divisions of the agency, as well as how different courses can provide beneficial skills and knowledge for potential employment. Career Fair Sarah and student NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDeputy Fox is pictured here with a student, who presented her with an appreciation gift on behalf of the Future Farmers of America (FFA).

Career Fair group photo NEWSLETTER READY.jpgHathaway High School Career Fair Participants

K-9 Division holds Training Exercise


K-9 BLUE LINE NEWSLETTER READY.jpg To keep our canines in top shape, members of the Sheriff's Office K-9 Division regularly undergo various exercises. K-9 Deputy Christopher Wallace with his canine Buck and K-9 Deputy Jonathan Hebert with his canine Bean, recently joined up with members of the Welsh and Rayne K-9 Divisions to practice search and take down methods.


Bean NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Jonathan and Bean tracking NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

K-9 Deputy Johnathan Hebert with his Canine partner, Bean, practicing take-down and tracking exercises.


K-9 Deputy Christopher Wallace with his Canine partner, Buck, practicing tracking exercises.

The training exercises help the K-9s and their handlers stay alert and well-prepared for real life search and rescue, take down operations and narcotics searches.

VFW Recognizes Deputy for Heroic Actions

Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Office (JDPSO) Deputy Brant Duplechain was recently recognized by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) for his heroic actions in the field.

On August 31, 2018, Duplechain responded to a medical emergency call regarding an incident at a local rice dryer. Upon arrival to the scene, he was led to the victim, who was covered in blood and missing his left hand at the wrist, as it had been severed in an auger. The victim was pale and appeared to be going into shock but was still responsive. Executing his extensive first responder training, Duplechain quickly applied a tourniquet to the man's left brachial artery/arm, stopping the bleeding until paramedics arrived.

Using tools at the scene, Duplechain then cut the auger pipe where the severed hand was located, recovered it, placed it in a bag of ice and gave to EMTs at the scene. Although the victim's hand was unable to be reattached, Duplechain's quick thinking and heroic actions undeniably saved the man's life.

Brant award 2 NEWSLETTER READY.jpgEarlier in the year, Duplechain was notified of his second placing of the award by Charlie Woolridge (L) of the VFW Dept. of La. Post 2130 in Lake Charles. An honor banquet was scheduled to be held the following summer but was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brant VFW State Award NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDuplechain was recognized as the 2019-2020 Second Place recipient of the Law Enforcement of the Year by Charlie Woolridge (R) of the Louisiana VFW, Post 2130 of Lake Charles.

Congratulations, Deputy Brant Duplechain, and thank you for your service!

Jailer Honored as Local MC Deputy of the Month

JDPSO Deputy Khela Douglas was recognized as the February Deputy of the Month by the Jennings Chapter Punishers Motorcycle Club.

Douglas, a jailer at the Southwest Regional Consolidated Jail, recently received a call at the jail from an elderly citizen who had fallen in her home during the weekend. In her confusion, the caller had unknowingly called the jail, rather than 911. Although the two divisions rarely converge, Douglas had the forthright thinking to forward the emergency call to the communications division. Because of this, dispatchers were able to contact the appropriate emergency service agency for the citizen.

Douglas could have easily dismissed the call, but instead, she continued to aid the caller in her time of need until emergency agencies arrived.

Deput of the Month Khela Douglas NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDy. Khela Douglas (center) is pictured here with her family and Norman Terrebone (right of center) of the Punishers MC.

Congratulations, Deputy Khela Douglas and thank you for your service!

JDPSO Participates in COA Annual Mardi Gras Party

The Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office (JDPSO) regularly supports the elderly members of the parish. Part of that support includes participating in The Jeff Davis Parish Council on Aging (COA) annual Mardi Gras Party. Along with providing a traditional jambalaya lunch, Sheriff Ivy Woods, his wife Bridget and several members of the Sheriff's Office mingled with parish seniors during the festivities, aiding with various activities. The Sheriff assisted in announcing the raffle contest winners, judging during the costume and dance contests and selecting the Crewe de Wise 2019 Royal Court.

COA Mardi Gras Mike NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDeputy Mike Hill serves jambalaya plate lunches to seniors. COA Mardi Gras Tyler NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDeputy Tyler Breaux serves jambalaya plate lunches to seniors. COA Mardi Gras Ella NEWSLETTER READY.jpgElderly Affairs Deputy Ella Dartez-Williams dances with seniors.

COA Mardi Gras Bill NEWSLETTER READY.jpgCommander Bill Kettler led the prayer before lunch is served.

MARDI GRAS GRAPHIC NEWSLETTER READY.png COA Mardi Gras Sheriff and Bridget NEWSLETTER READY.jpgSheriff Ivy Woods and his wife Bridget announce the dance and contest winners.

The COA Crew de Wise 2019 Royal Court are -

Back row (L to R): Sheriff Ivy Woods and his wife Bridget (center).

Front row (L to R): Volunteer Dana Daigle with Shirley LeBleu who won for the Most Mardi Gras Spirit, Merna LeBlanc and Kenneth Francis as the Best Dressed, James Seaman as the Mardi Gras King, Mary Foreman as the Mardi Gras Queen, the couple (unknown) who won as the Best Dancers and volunteer Emily Romero.

Girl Scout Delivery!

The Sheriff, as well as every member of the agency, regularly supports youth and school activities whenever they can. Here at the Sheriff's Office, we believe in the value of investing in the youth of our communities.

Roxi and Adeline Girl Scout Cookies NEWSLETTER READY.jpgOustalet with Det. Roxi Guidry Travis and Adeline Girl Scout Cookies NEWSLETTER READY.jpgOustalet with Det. Travis Savoie Susette and Adeline Girl Scout Cookies NEWSLETTER READY.jpgOustalet with Civil Commander Susette Mouton

Local Girl Scout, Adeline Oustalet, visited the Sheriff's Office to deliver Girl Scout cookies.

Deputies Participate in Farm Bureau Ag Safety Day

Members of the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Office (JDPSO) participated in the Annual Farm Bureau Ag Safety Day for agricultural students from all parish schools.

Ag Safety Day 1 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Ag Safety Day 2 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg


Ag Safety Day 3 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Ag Safety Day 4 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Ag Safety Day 5 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Patrol Commander Doug Britnell and Deputy Chris Gaspard manned a station on firearms, hunting and ATV safety.

The Ag Safety Day event was held at the Doise Farm in Elton and hosted by Farm Bureau of Jennings. The event featured several safety stations on various rural and agricultural related activities such as hunting, ATV, first responder, firefighting, driving and farming safety. Demonstrations at each station were provided by area first responder agencies and businesses who donated their time and resources to teach young people different safety practices.

Ag Safety Day 6 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Ag Safety Day 7 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Ag Safety Day 8 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg
Ag Safety Day 9 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Ag Safety Day 10 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Ag Safety Day 11 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Station directors included volunteer demonstrators from JDPSO, Jennings Fire Department, Elton Fire Department, Louisiana State Police Troop D, Air Evac, Med Express, Acadian Ambulance and Abel and Son. The Sowela Culinary Class, with assistance from the Sheriff's Office, prepared and grilled a hamburger lunch. Groups of students navigated from station to station for each demonstration.

COVID Causes Cancelations

Earlier in the year, many public events, as well as many regular scheduled programs and functions were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Main office operations remained functioning with some limitations, however, all other primary operations of the agency, such as the jail, communications, patrol and investigations, remained fully operational with necessary safety precautions. Despite these limitations and cancelations, the JDPSO continued to work diligently providing emergency services to the people of Jeff Davis Parish.

The Sheriff's Office also aided other parish emergency agencies, by distributing additional supplies, including N95 masks, and later cotton masks and/or face shields, as needed.

JDPSO Provides Security for March


Members of the JDPSO assisted the Lake Arthur Police Department (LAPD) providing security detail during a peaceful equality march in Lake Arthur.


Summer Blood Drive

The Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Office hosts and participates in several Life Share blood drives a year.

These drives ensure the available blood supply is regularly stocked with life-saving pints for residents in Jeff Davis Parish and the surrounding area. Although the blood drives are always open to the public, available and qualifying members of JDPSO are encouraged and eager to contribute their donation.


Patrol Deputy Naquan Senegal is pictured here giving blood in the Life Share Blood Drive Mobile Unit.



Jennings Optimist Club recognizes JDPSO Detective

JDPSO Detective Lisa Ivey was recognized as the Jennings Optimist Club's Deputy of the Year.

Detective Ivey is deeply and intimately knowledgeable of the judicial court system, with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from McNeese State University and a master's degree in Adult Education and Training, with Homeland Security Concentration from Northwestern University.

Although the Sheriff's Office has a phenomenal investigation team comprised of several valuable members who work on a variety of cases, Detective Ivey specifically specializes on investigations involving juveniles, as well as those of a sensitive and intimately personal nature. In her three years with JDPSO, she has worked on countless cases, most of which involve juveniles of all ages.

Lisas Jennings Optimist Club Award NEWSLETTER READY.jpgPictured here (L to R) are Jennings Optimist Club (President) Gale Jones, Detective Lisa Ivey and Jennings Optimist Club Member Lenor Cox.


Congratulations Detective Lisa Ivey, and thank you for your service!

Not only is she thoroughly knowledgeable and educated in her field, but her naturally calm and gentle demeanor contributes to her ability as a detective, as it helps younger victims feel comfortable enough to open up and share the details of their trauma. Detective Ivey's dedication to protecting the most vulnerable of our community is what motivates her to provide victims with a safe and compassionate sounding board, while also remaining professional and unfaltering.

JDPSO Mourns the Loss of Deputy

The Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Office received a devastating blow at the loss of one of their own this summer. Deputy Claude "Winston" Guillory was a 30-year veteran in law enforcement and was serving in the corrections division when he succumbed to a lengthy illness.

Winstons Funeral 1 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Winstons Funeral 2 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

A caravan including units from multiple first responder agencies throughout the parish escorted Deputy Guillory's remains as he was transported to a local funeral home. The caravan traveled in front of Guillory's home where his family and friends were gathered.


Winstons unit NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Memorial wreaths adorned Deputy Guillory's unit and the entry of the Sheriff's Office Main Office and 911 buildings.

Winstons door wreath NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Winstons Funeral 3 NEWSLETTER READY.jpgMembers of multiple emergency agencies attended funeral services honoring Deputy Guillory.

Winstons Funeral 4 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Winstons Funeral 5 NEWSLETTER READY.jpgMembers of the Sheriff's Office were lined up in mourning.

Deputy Winston Guillory, Corrections NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDeputy Claude "Winston" Guillory

Funeral services were held locally and brought members of several first responder and emergency agencies from all around the parish, as well as hundreds of members of the community. Deputy Guillory was a highly respected law enforcement officer with an extensive career and was loved and admired by all who knew him.

It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to our brother in blue.

Deputy Guillory will be greatly missed.

JDPSO Aides in Hurricane Relief Efforts

The Jeff Davis Parish area was hit with two catastrophic hurricanes this summer.

Hurricane Laura pummeled the Louisiana coast as a Category 4 and just two months later, Hurricane Delta rocked the Louisiana coastline as a Category 2 storm.

Hurricane Relief Efforts Brant Duplechain NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Shift Supervisor Brant Duplechain operates equipment assisting in hurricane debris removal in the parish.

The two entities caused massive destruction and devastation to homes and property all over the parish. Despite suffering their own personal losses, deputies remained diligent to serve the citizens of the parish, helping to clear trees and debris from ditches, roadways and homes. Many even set up temporary residence in the parish buildings in order to continue providing emergency services while their own homes sustained damage.

K-9 Unit Undergoes Changes

The 2020 year brought about many changes to the Jeff Davis Parish K-9 Unit. One veteran Canine retired, a new K-9 handler was welcomed, new Canines were brought on board and sadly, the division tragically lost one of their loyal Canines.

JDPSO Announces New K-9 Deputy

JDPSO welcomed K-9 Deputy Christopher LaFleur as the newest member of the JDSO K-9 Team.

With a combined 18 years in law enforcement and as a first responder, Deputy LaFleur has been a strong member of JDPSO since 2009. There, he's served in the patrol and investigative divisions, as a patrol assistant shift supervisor and was recently presented with the opportunity to work with a K-9 partner, a dual-purpose German Shephard Canine, Bean, who was retired shortly after the two officers were partnered.

LaFleur and Bean NEWSLETTER READY.jpgCongratulations Deputy Christopher LaFleur, and thank you for your service!

Bean Retires NEWSLETTER READY.jpgCanine Bean

K-9 Retires

Bean has served the citizens of Jeff Davis Parish with the Sheriff's Office for eight years as a narcotic, tracking and apprehension Canine. Although still enthusiastic about his work, health issues have forced officials to relieve Bean of his duties. He will live out his retirement years with a previous handler.

Bean was replaced by another dual-purpose Canine, Rocky, a 3-year-old German Shephard, trained in apprehension and narcotics.

JDPSO K-9 Division Welcomes New Canines

Wallace and Carlotta NEWSLETTER READY.jpgK-9 Patrol Deputy Christopher Wallace with Carlotta.

LaFluer and Rocky NEWSLETTER READY.jpgK-9 Patrol Deputy Christopher LaFleur with Rocky.

Kenneth and Demon NEWSLETTER READY.jpgDeputy Kenneth Hebert with Demon.

Dillion and Jena NEWSLETTER READY.jpgReserve Deputy Dillion Hebert with Jena.

Following the retirement of Canine Bean, the Sheriff's Office added four new Canines to the agency roster.

K-9 Patrol Deputy Christopher Wallace is working with his personal Canine Carlotta, a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois who is trained in apprehension and narcotics.

K-9 Patrol Deputy Christopher LaFleur is working with departmental Canine Rocky, a 3-year-old German Shephard who is trained in apprehension and narcotics.

Deputy Kenneth Hebert is working with departmental Canine Demon, a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois who is trained in explosives.

Reserve Deputy Dillion Hebert is working with his personal Canine Jena, a 3-year-old German Shephard who is trained in cadaver and tracking.

The four new dogs and their handlers are valuable members of the JDPSO team and play an important role in protecting the people of Jeff Davis Parish.

JDPSO Honors K-9 with Funeral Services


Canine Buck

Every member of the Sheriff's Office grieved at the passing of Canine Buck, a 4-year-old Malinois, trained in tracking, apprehension and narcotics. Buck served the people of the parish under the command of his handler and owner, K-9 Patrol Deputy Christopher Wallace.

A private funeral service and memorial was held on the JDPSO campus, where Buck's remains were buried.

Buck was a faithful and loyal companion, and he will be greatly missed.



Welcome Home Jarren

JDPSO Deputies participated in a welcome home celebration for a local boy, Jarren, following a lengthy illness.

Jarren 1 NEWSLETTER READY.jpgJarren was surrounded by his family as they watched the parade of vehicles drive by. Jarren 2 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Members of the D.A.R.E., K-9 and Patrol Divisions joined many others in the community to present him with "get well soon" gifts and encouraged him through his recovery.


Supporters lined up at the Jeff Davis Parish Multi-Purpose Building, and many vehicles were adored with signs and banners. Several JDPSO units, along with several Jennings City Fire and Police units and many private citizens paraded in front of Jarren's family home.

Get well soon, Jarren!


Jailers Participate in Cancer Prevention and Research Fundraiser

Several JDPSO Deputies regularly participate in the "No-Shave November" initiative bringing awareness to childhood brain cancer. Each year, members of the agency make personal donations to participate in the Annual Beard It Up Campaign for Childhood Cancer Research, led by Law Enforcement Agencies. The campaign benefits "The Cure Starts Now" - a grassroots organization of over 40 families worldwide dedicated to the elimination all cancers by focusing on pediatric brain cancer. This is the third year of the fundraiser and to date, "The Cure Starts Now," along with collaborative partners in a global effort, has funded over $14M in pediatric brain cancer research atover 100 hospitals worldwide, including Memorial Sloan Kettering, Texas Children's Hospital, Stanford University, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and more.

No Shave Nov 2020 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

Pictured here (L to R) are Deputies Josh Bienvenue, Koty Holloway, Chance Broussard, Drew Gaspard, Charles Duhon, Shane Caswell, Assistant Warden Eli Coleman, Warden Dustin Locke, Deputies Dustin Broussard and Keith Doucet.

Altogether, participating members of the Sheriff's Office proudly helped to raise approximately $1,000 this year towards pediatric brain cancer prevention and research.

Deputies Participate in Annual Shop With a Cop

Shop with a Cop 1 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg Shop with a Cop 2 NEWSLETTER READY.jpg

The local Annual Shop With A Cop Program is held by the Louisiana State Police, Troop D, along with the support of a local benefactor, in honor of the late Trooper Scott O'Connell. Each year, JDPSO Deputies are invited to team up with troopers to adopt several local families for Christmas. However, due to Covid-19 safety precautions, instead of taking the families shopping, Troopers and Deputies did the shopping on their own, and delivered the gifts to the home of this year's selected families.

Deputy Trey Herndon (L) and Shift Supervisor Brant Duplechain (R) are pictured here delivering toys to the Gallagher family.





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