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Disturbance at Fairgrounds


Thursday night October 7, 2021, Deputies working security at the Jeff Davis Fairgrounds investigated an attack on several juveniles.  The attack was initiated by a 16 year old female juvenile and an eighteen year old male. 

Treshawn Deandre Lavan, 18, of 1918 S. Lake Arthur avenue was arrested and charged with simple battery.  The 16 year old juvenile was also charged with simple battery and released to her guardians on citation.   

Sheriff Woods wants everyone to be safe and have an enjoyable time at the annual fair.  The Sheriff's office has extra personnel working to ensure the safety of all who are participating in the festivities. 

Deputies working the entrances are equipped with metal detectors to identify weapons and will be searching bags.  No backpacks or large bags are allowed inside the fair grounds for security purposes.  This is a reminder to parents to speak with your children about their conduct.

Local police agencies and the Sheriff's office have received information that a group of children, both from Jennings and Welsh areas have commented on social media that they intend to start a fight, possibly involving weapons, and video it for upload to social media. 

PARENT's , again I urge you to speak to your children.

The Sheriff's office will not tolerate any acts of violence at the event and will aggressively respond to any unruly behavior. Adults involved will be booked into parish jail, juveniles will be cited and held until parents report to the Sheriff's office.  


Crime Tip Hotline  337-275-8188 or via Email