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Domestic abuse battery arrest


    On Friday, October 23, 2020, Deputies were dispatched to 7015 Grand Marais Road for a civil stand by for an individual to retrieve belongings from her residence.  The residence was located at 18399 Farm Supply Road, Roanoke.

When deputies arrived the complainant reported that she and her husband, who was identified as Forest Stelly, 57, were involved in an argument at the home on Farm supply road.

The victim stated he hit her across the face and busted her nose causing it to bleed. Deputies noticed the victim had dried blood at the base of her nose.

The complainant and deputies returned to the residence on Farm Supply to speak with Stelly.  Deputies spoke with Stelly, who admitted there was a verbal altercation, but didn't admit to any physical contact. Stelly also stated he did not remember what the argument was about.

Deputies determined Stelly was the aggressor of the incident and placed him under arrest for Domestic abuse battery. Stelly was booked into the parish jail without bail. 


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