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New Release ALERT - Fraudulent phone soliciting


Jeff Davis Sheriff's deputies received a complaint Wednesday 1/31/18 involving a victim receiving a telephone call from an alleged deputy that the victim had an outstanding warrant and the deputy wanted to give him a chance to clear the warrants by making payment via a voucher from a local pharmacy. 

Please do not be a victim of this scam or others like it.  You will not receive a telephone call from the Jefferson Davis Sheriff's office and offered a chance to clear a warrant over the phone by providing a voucher, Green Dot card or any prepaid credit device. 

The Sheriff's office may contact a person by telephone and request they come to the office to be interviewed or notified that they are wanted if a warrant is issued, but it cannot be cleared by payment over the phone.  An individual has to be fingerprinted, and booked into the parish jail before any warrant can be cleared.  Also, the Sheriff's office only accepts money orders, cashier's check or cash for fines or bonds. 


Crime Tip Hotline  337-275-8188 or via Email