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Construction of the Jefferson Davis Parish Consolidated Jail, located at 1704 Hwy. 90 West (Shankland Ave.), in Jennings, was completed in 2019. The former jail, which was built in 1964 and held 62 inmates.

The Commander of Corrections acts as the Warden of the Jail and they oversee all duties and protocols in the Jeff Davis Parish Regional Jail Facility.

Besides the Warden, the jail also has over 30 additional deputies that serve in various support roles in the jail.

The jailers are responsible for booking in and booking out all inmates that have been arrested and escorted to the jail. This process includes fingerprinting, taking a booking photo, completing and filing various paperwork and placing the inmate into population. The jailers also ensure that the inmates are able to see the Judge within 72-hours of being arrested. If a bond is given by the Judge, the jailers update the inmates’ files and work with the inmates to be able to contact a bondsman. Among other duties and needs attended to within the jail during each 12-hour shift, the jailers also make rounds in the jail, serve meals to the inmates, and dispense medication to the inmates who have a prescription. 

There are three ways to post a Bond for someone in jail.

  • Property Bond - When posting a property bond you must go to the Tax Assessor's Office and get a description of the property you would like to use to post the bond. The assessed value of the property must be equal or more than the bond amount. Once you receive the proper paperwork from the Tax Assessor's Office, you then bring it to the Clerk of Court's Office to run a title search in order to verify there are no judgments, liens, or mortgages on the property. A mobile home cannot be used for a property bond and the property must be in Jefferson Davis Parish. Once you have completed these steps you must then bring the paperwork to the Sheriff's Office. All property bonds are subject to the Sheriff's approval.
  • Cash Bond - When you wish to post a Cash Bond you must put up the entire bond amount in cash.
  • Surety Bond - A bondsman posts the bond to get the inmate released from jail. You will have to pay the bondsman 12% of the total bond plus any additional fees the bondsman charges.

*Bonds are only accepted Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.
*Property Bonds may require additional fees that are not listed here.
*All bonds have a $30.00 fee for the paperwork.
*All bonds are held until the case has been closed.

Inmate Commissary:
Inmates order commissary every Wednesday before noon and they receive it the following business day. In order for inmates to order commissary they need money on their books. To put money on an inmate’s books you can do any of the following:

  • Bring cash, a debit card or a credit card to the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office Dispatch Lobby, located at 1604 Hwy. 90 West (Shankland Ave.), in Jennings, and use the Commissary Kiosk.
  • Click here to add money to an Inmate's books online

*An additional fee may be required

As an alternative to providing an inmate with money for commissary, you can order items through the commissary company and have the order sent directly to the inmate by performing any of the following:

  • Click here to order commissary online and have it shipped to the inmate.

Inmate Mail:
Inmates are allowed to receive mail while in jail; the mail is screened before being passed out Monday thru Friday. Include the inmate’s name on the envelope and send mail to:

P.O. Box 863
Jennings, LA 70546

The following rules apply to mail:

  • You can only send letters in a standard envelope
  • No packages will be accepted through the mail
  • Only pictures of reasonable and appropriate taste will be allowed
  • No pictures involving alcohol or drugs will be allowed
  • Inmates can only have ten (10) pictures in their property

Inmate Phones:
The inmates have phones in their cells that allow them to make phone calls between 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. They may either purchase phone cards through commissary with the money that is placed on their books, or they may have the person they are calling set up an account for them to charge their phone calls to. In order to set up an account to charge phone calls to, either:

  • Call 1-800-682-0707



Press Releases

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